Prospective Dancers

Welcome New Dancers!

Whether you would like to learn or improve your social/ ballroom dancing, or you just like to dance, CueSteps has an interesting and informative program for you. You will find our dance classes Informal, Friendly, and Fun!

Usually in August CueSteps sponsors a free, no-obligation evening called A Chance to Dance”. This is an opportunity to meet our instructors, take an introductory waltz class, and ask questions about our Program and/or Club. Please either contact us or refer to “Class Schedule” for the date/time of this event.

You are also welcome to come to our Beginners’ Class (please check for date and time under Dance Classes/Schedule).  Lessons are $6.00/person/class. The first three lessons allow time for you to decide whether or not to continue. Should you decide to join CueSteps, membership is $10.00/person/year and membership/insurance with the Canadian Square and Round Dancers Society (CSRDS) is $5.00/person/year.

A few suggestions for our classes:

  • Bring comfortable shoes with a smooth (not rubber) sole for dancing (refer to “Links” for Dance Shoes),
  • Dress casual or dressy-casual,
  • Wear a name tag/badge if you have one,
  • Refrain from using fragrances in consideration of others’ allergies, and
  • Bring along bottled water or a glass/cup for the cold tap water which is available.

For further information, please contact Ken or Janice Frank at
403-279-3771 or 

“Dancing is the art of getting your feet out of the way faster than your partner can step on them!”

– Author Unknown