Our Instructor Couples

Over the past ten years, Cliff and Jane have developed their keen interest in round dancing through their lessons with CueSteps. From their home in Lacombe, Cliff and Jane have already accumulated 6 years of cuer/instructor experience in Central Alberta with clubs in Lacombe, Rocky Mountain House, and Innisfail. In addition, they have been cuer/instructors at the 2018 Canadian National Convention, the Alberta Square and Round Dance Federation conventions, as well as various workshops and round dances in Alberta. To contribute to their skill level, Cliff and Jane have attended ROUNDALAB conventions and training sessions, and dance weekends such as the Western Ontario Workshop in London, Ontario. They are active members of ROUNDALAB and the International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association.


Mary and Bruce live in Sherwood Park and will commute weekly to instruct the more advanced classes in the 2018 – 19 dance season with CueSteps. Currently they lead a club in Edmonton, Fun Steps, where they hold classes from Phases II to V. Mary has danced since 1967 while Bruce started in 1981. Mary and Bruce began cueing/instructing Round Dancing in 2010/2011. To enhance their teaching skills, they have attended several workshops for cuer/instructors led by well –known cuer/ instructor couples from ROUNDALAB. Over the past 7 years, they enhanced both their dancing and teaching capabilities at the Phase V Round Dance sessions in Lolo, Montana. They have been active contributors in the Canadian National Conventions, and have organized and participated in the Round Dance Program for several Alberta Federation Conventions.


Teaching is a Work of Heart!