Dance Program & Venue

CueSteps Dance Program

Our program follows the standard created by Roundalab, an international Round Dance Association. Their Program established definitions and descriptions of actions, movements, and figures in the various dance rhythms, as well as ranking all of them in terms of difficulty. Roundalab also designed a curriculum covering Beginner to Advanced Levels which enabled dancers to learn and progress through the moves, figures, and choreographed dances of the various rhythms. Our dancers do enjoy the informal and friendly atmosphere, well-presented lessons, staying active, and the challenge of learning more about dancing!

Beginners: Starting September, 2022, beginning dancers will be introduced to the Rhumba and Cha Cha rhythms, later to be followed by Two-Step and Waltz rhythms.
Subsequent Levels: As students advance (Phases II, III, IV, IV+), additional figures and rhythms such as Jive, Slow-Two-Step, Foxtrot etc. are introduced along with choreographed dances appropriate for each of the Levels.
Our Music: Please check out our music on the “Music” page!

Hall features hardwood flooring!