About Us

What is Round Dancing?

At a glance, Round Dancing looks like Social or Ballroom Dancing since the dance rhythms and movements are the same. However, round dancers have the advantage of “pre-choreographed and cued” dances which use defined (and practiced!) figures/steps – thereby, an alternate name has become Choreographed Ballroom or Choreographed Social Dancing.

Choreographers (usually experienced round dance instructors) choose dance rhythms and figures to fit the selection of music – dancers find this helps the dances “flow better”. In addition, a “cuer” (much like a caller in square dancing) announces each figure as the music progresses. In this way, the gentleman is freed from predetermining (and the lady from guessing!) each figure throughout the dance; instead, both partners are able to focus on performing the figures as announced.

Couples also enjoy the challenge of completing more figures in a round dance than they would normally use in either ballroom or social dancing. And since round dancers perform in unison, moving in the same direction around a large circle, it became known as Round Dancing .

Round Dancing classes are available in many centres in Canada, USA, Europe, and Japan. Roundalab, the international, non-profit, educational organization for Round Dance leaders, has standardized the figures/steps, using English terminology, for the dancing rhythms. In addition, they’ve created a Program for the Phases/Levels for advancement of dancers from Beginners to Phase VI that is recognized and followed world-wide.

Our Club

CueSteps Round Dance Club is a non-profit club, incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act in July/2008. Classes are held at Winston Heights Mountview Community Centre, 520 – 27th Avenue N.E. (just off Edmonton Trail) in Calgary. We are fortunate to have Cliff Dunn & Jane McKee as our cuers/instructors; their classes are well-organized, informal, and enjoyable!

Prior to the pandemic, CueSteps had 86 registered dancers. Though the majority are from Calgary, we also have members from surrounding communities. Our instructors commute weekly from Lacombe! Our dancers are at least 18 years of age and range into their 80’s. Some of our members are new to round dancing, but a few have 20+ years of experience!

Our Club provides a variety of classes, Beginner to Phase IV+. Each class is held for 1.5 hours/week on Sundays, mid-September till the end of April with breaks for Special Holidays. Monthly practice sessions are held over the summer. (For our Dance Program, Schedule, Instructors, and Location, please see Dance Classes.)

CueSteps is a member of The Calgary & District Square & Round Dancers Association (C&D), a non-profit, umbrella organization for local Square Dance, Round Dance, and Clogging Clubs. Through C&D, our members belong to the Alberta Federation (ASRDF), and likewise have membership in the Canadian Society (CSRDS). Our dancers are able to participate (registration fees are required) in Special Dances, Conventions, Workshops, and Jamborees at the local, provincial, national and international levels – an enjoyable perk for travelling and meeting new people!

To assist financially, CueSteps now has its own casino funding through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Our fees are as follows:

  • Club Membership: $10/person/year;
  • CSRDS Membership (includes third party liability insurance): $5/person/year; and
  • Class Fees: $6/person/class for members or $8/person/class for non-members.

We welcome you and your partner to join us!