Dance Classes


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, CueSteps has suspended all classes and events until further notice.

However, Mary & Bruce Nelson have made Virtual Round Dancing available via the online Zoom Platform. For further info, please see Dance Classes/Class Dates & Schedule.


Our Program follows the international standard created by Roundalab. Their Program established definitions and descriptions of actions, movements, and figures in the various dance rhythms, ranking them in terms of difficulty. Roundalab also designed a curriculum covering Beginner to Advanced which enabled dancers to learn and progress through the moves, figures, and choreographed dances of the various rhythms. Classes are informal, well-organized, and enjoyable!

  • First Year Beginners: Introduction to waltz and two-step with focus on dance timing, form, and flow. (Phase I and easy Phase II)
  • Second Year Beginners: Enhancement of waltz and two-step, continued emphasis on timing, form, and flow. (Phase II) With completion of this level, dancers can participate in most of the round dances cued between square dance tips.
  • Subsequent Classes: Introducing additional rhythms, figures, and dances as students advance (Phases III, IV, to IV+). Rhythms include Cha Cha, Rumba, Foxtrot, Jive, Quickstep, Mambo, Slow Two Step, Bolero, West Coast Swing, etc.


Winston Heights Mountview Community Centre
520 – 27 Ave NE, Calgary

Easy Access east off Edmonton Trail at 27th Ave NEvenue location - CueSteps Round Dance Calgary



Due to the ongoing demand, Mary and Bruce Nelson plan to continue their Zoom Round Dancing Sessions starting January 4, 2021.  Dancers from across Canada, United States, Australia, and even Japan have joined in! They will continue to hold these Sessions three evenings each week. Refer to listings below for further details re the Dance Levels, times, and links for each Session. New Dancers are always welcome. A Paypal Tip Jar has been set-up to compensate Mary and Bruce for their work, time, and expenses. As well, Canadian participants can arrange with Bruce to make their contributions through Electronic Funds Transfer.

The links for the different evenings are noted below.

Phase II

Friday evenings at 7:30 MDT

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 2649 8953

Phone: 587 328 1099

Use this link to log into Phase II dances every week


Phase III

Monday evenings at 7:30 MDT

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Meeting ID: 844 2804 8307

Phone: 587 328 1099

Use this link to log into Phase III dances every week


Phase IV

Tuesday evenings at 7:30 MDT

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Meeting ID: 862 9664 5598

Phone: 587 328 1099

Use this link to log into Phase IV dances every week

Virtual Round Dancing Videos

If you miss the scheduled Zoom Dances Sessions or just want to practice, you can visit Mary and Bruce’s youtube channel to access the Zoom videos using the following the link:

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